Office and warehouse

Office and warehouse

Plumb Perfect Plumbing, Inc is the largest plumbing company in Lompoc, California, on the picturesque central coast.  Our regular service hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, but we have an on-call plumber available 24 hours a day.  When you call, even at 2am, a plumber, not an answering service, will answer your call.

We handle only service and repair for residential and commercial properties.  What does this mean?  It means we don’t build houses from the ground up, but we fix the problems with existing buildings.  We handle everything from simple drain stoppages to large drain replacements.  We go from faucet repair/replacement up to bathroom or kitchen remodels.

We will diagnose and recommend options for fixing all of your plumbing needs.

Please see our services page for a more complete listing of our services, as well as our current service prices.  We bill by the hour rather than by the job.  This benefits our customers in several ways.  For example, say you have a stopped up toilet and a slow sink.  We can often take care of both of these in one hour, rather than a flat rate for clearing the toilet stoppage as well as an additional charge for clearing the sink.  Doing things by the hour can save our customers hundreds, so that’s why we do it!

We also have a retail store that is open to the public.  This is the same warehouse our plumbers use to pull materials for their jobs, so you know you will be getting the same size and quality part as the professionals use.  We believe in only using parts made in the USA, so we know the quality is superior to what can be purchased at a big box store.